Muscat.FE.Spaces.FESpaces module

CheckIntegrity(GUI: bool = False)[source]
ConstantSpaceGlobal = <Muscat.FE.Spaces.FESpaces.FESpace object>

Global constant space. Used to integrate expressions over a domain into a scalar.

class FESpace(name: str)[source]

Bases: object

class FESpaceFactory[source]

Bases: Factory

GetAvailableFESpacesNames() Iterable[str][source]
GetFESpaceByName(ruleName: str) FESpace[source]
GetListOfAvailableFESpaces() Iterable[FESpace][source]
InitAllSpaces() None[source]

Function to create all the spaces, this need to be called at the beginning of the app in a multi threated app

LagrangeSpaceGeo = <Muscat.FE.Spaces.FESpaces.FESpace object>

Isoparametric Lagrange space (if the mesh is quadratic the field is P2).

LagrangeSpaceP1 = <Muscat.FE.Spaces.FESpaces.FESpace object>

Degree 1 Lagrange space. This space implement linear interpolation functions.

LagrangeSpaceP2 = <Muscat.FE.Spaces.FESpaces.FESpace object>

Degree 2 Lagrange space. This space implement quadratic interpolation functions.

RegisterFESpace(feSpace: FESpace)[source]